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This document covers the Terms Of Use for the MyPanda.com website.   By accessing the data on this website, you agree to these terms in whole.  The Terms are catagorized to make viewing and understanding them easier.

Privacy Policy

MyPanda.com does not sell, rent, lease or give away any personal data collected on our system.  This does use cookies that store preferences and may store information about pages you have visited while on the Mypanda.com domain.  We do not personally track any infrormation about any other sites you have visited.  If you use a "store" section of the website, we gather information about the items you have selected and any credit card information needed to complete your purchase.  This information is used only to process your order and is not shared with any company except as needed to charge the account and ship the items ordered.

If you choose to contact us via mail, email or the online form, we reserve the right to publish these emails/mails/etc. and will usually honor requests to keep your name anonymous if you request so, but reserve the right to publish anything you send to us if the circumstances justify it in our eyes.

Spam / Unsolicited Email

Mypanda does not send unsolicited email of any kind.  We do not have a mailing list, or email anyone except as necessary for the day to day business or in response to a purchase, request or issue.  If you have recieved email from us that you think is spam, please forward the email with the FULL HEADERS to abuse@mypanda.com and we will take any necessary action.

Information Collected

Mypanda collects information about our visitors in several ways, limited soley to information gathered voluntarily.  When you sign up or provide this information, it will be used for the purpose stated only.  Additionally, we collect data about what pages you visit, what pages are most popular, etc.  We do not track any information about any other websites you visit.  We use this information to determine what services are needed and to improve the website.

Links To Other Sites

Mypanda.com links to other sites that are not under our control.   We are not responsible for the content on these sites.  They will have their own privacy policy, which should be available from their website.

Web Applications

This site may use web applications.  These are computer programs designe to provide extra functionality and may either be server-side (on our servers) or client-side (typically Javascript or Java).  We assume no responsibility for errors caused by these programs.  You can easily disable all Javascript and Java access on your computer or choose not to visit the site if you do not want to use the functionality they provide.

Accuracy of Information

The information provided on the website is presented "AS IS" with no warranty of any kind.  It is provided for educational and/or entertainment value only.  While we try to insure that all information is correct, we can not be held liable for typographic, factual or computer generated errors, even if we have been informed of the errors.  Use at your own risk.

Network Availability

Access to the network is not guaranteed.  While we strive to insure the website is always available, we do not make any guarantee that the data presented herein is always available or will always be available.  We reserve the right to change any information, services, data, image, function or any other aspect of the website at any time.

All Other Rights Reserved

Mypanda.com reserves the right to change these policies, and when change, they will be updated on this page.  We do not waive any rights.

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