Lady - The Pawn Pooch

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These were taken on April 13, 2003.  Lady was adopted from the Guilford County Animal Shelter in April 1998.  She was a surrender to the shelter, and we were told she was right at one year old.  She was adopted on her last possible day in the shelter.  While we do not know her exact day of birth, we generally celebrate it as April 15th, adding a more pleasant meaning to that day.  These photos were taken two days before she turned 6 years old.  This park is in Greensboro, just off of Benjamin Parkway, near Wendover.

On July 8th, 2011, Lady moved into the great doghouse in the sky. Over the last several months, she had been experiencing kidney issues, hip problems that caused pain, and other issues. At over 14 years old, she still weighed within a few pounds of the weight she was here, but age had caught up with her. Panda and I decided to humanely have her put to sleep by our vet, and was with her to her last breath. While pain was a daily issue (and she took medication for it), we took this final step before she was in constant misery, so she could die with dignity, surrounded by the people she loved. She was our only child, our constant companion, and she will be dearly missed. We love you Lady.

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